Utilita Energy

How Utilita Energy modernised their existing security systems by adopting cloud storage

The requirement

Utilita Energy, a prominent electricity and gas supplier in the UK, approached us in early 2021 through their CCTV installer, Andover Fire & Security.

They were looking to modernise their surveillance system across their network of stores, referred to as hubs, by transitioning from local recorders to a cloud-based storage system. With a preference for retaining their Dahua IP cameras, Utilita aimed to adopt a solution that would work seamlessly with their current set up.

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The solution

In response to Utilita’s requirements, we provided a solution designed to modernise their surveillance systems, without requiring costly infrastructure overhauls. Using our cloud based video management system, Utilita could bypass their traditional local recorders and send their CCTV footage to the cloud, enhancing accessibility and data security.

The result

Following the implementation of our cloud-based video management system, Utilita Energy experienced tangible benefits across their network of hubs.

By migrating to cloud storage, Utilita simplified their surveillance infrastructure, reducing maintenance overheads and improving operational efficiency. The ability to access their CCTV footage from the cloud provided greater flexibility and responsiveness for monitoring and incident management. Utilita currently uses Videoloft in 11 of their hubs, and will be adding the solution to their Luton hub in the coming months.