Western Beef

Enhancing security infrastructure for Western Beef supermarket chain with Videoloft

The requirement

Western Beef is a prominent, supermarket chain operating 21 stores across the New York City metropolitan area.


The company faced the challenge of centrally managing camera feeds and recordings from their multiple locations. They also needed to store a year’s worth of continuous, 24/7 recording for approximately 850 cameras to safeguard against potential liability claims.


To address this, they turned to Videoloft’s cloud-based video management platform which provided the perfect solution for their requirements.

The solution

Western Beef Supermarket

After a successful proof of concept, Western Beef partnered with Videoloft to implement our cloud-based Video Management System. 


Videoloft was successfully rolled out across all 21 stores and Western Beef were able to leverage Videoloft’s centralized management capabilities – allowing them to easily access, monitor and manage their camera feeds from a single location.


Additionally, Videoloft’s flexible cloud storage plans allowed Western Beef to store their footage for an extended duration, which met their requirement for continuous 24/7 recorded footage to be stored for a full year.

The result

By choosing Videoloft, Western Beef was able to overcome its challenges related to centralized storage and continuous 24/7 recording. Western Beef can now focus on its core operations with the confidence that its stores are under continuous surveillance and that their footage is securely stored and easily accessible when needed.


The successful implementation of a centralized, long term storage solution across multiple sites underscores Videoloft’s capability to address complex security requirements for businesses operating at scale.