Restaurant Solves Fraudulent Missing Items Claims with Video Analytics

Restaurant Solving Fraudulent Missing Items Claims with Video Analytics


With restaurants restricted to serving takeaways as lockdowns continue, they’re more reliant than ever on delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat.

For restaurants, using takeaway delivery services provides an unfortunate opportunity for customers to falsely claim they are missing items from their orders. Usually, when a missing item claim occurs, Deliveroo automatically refunds the customer and obligates the restaurant to foot the bill.

These false claims via Deliveroo are worryingly frequent for restaurants who consequently face losses on these orders.



How fraudulent claims affect the restaurant

For Mission Burrito, a quick-service restaurant chain committed to serving ridiculously-good burritos, these complaints were costing up to £400 per week, despite having rigorous processes in place to ensure every order is complete!

The only way restaurants can dispute a complaint is by sending Deliveroo photographic evidence. This should include a picture of the complete order before giving it to the delivery driver.

However, this proved to be disruptive to the food preparation process. It also raised further problems of where the photographic evidence would be stored and how it would be shared with Deliveroo if needed. 



How a restaurant used video analytics to counter fraudulent claims

So, Mission Burrito deployed Videoloft’s ‘Order Cam’ to minimise disruption and stop further losses from such claims.

They simply lay out the full order and Deliveroo receipt. Then they push a wall-mounted button which triggers a security camera to take a photo. This photo is sent straight to the Videoloft cloud, where text recognition analytics technology reads the Deliveroo’s receipt order number. Videoloft then automatically emails the restaurant manager with the order number as the subject line. The email also contains the photo captured by the camera.

Just one Mission Burrito restaurant captures 2,500 images per month using this system. In other words, that’s 2,500 opportunities to dispute false refund claims!

When Deliveroo seeks payment for a ‘missing item’, Mission Burrito can quickly find the evidence. All they need to do is search for the subject line and send the relevant photo. Then the case is closed!


Video analytics ROI case study



The result – (Spoiler) An instant ROI

“This system lets us challenge Deliveroo complaints without impacting our efficiency in the kitchen. In just 2 weeks we’ve already disputed enough refunds to cover the cost of the system,” said Jan Rasmussen, Founder of Mission Burrito. “Not only are we saving money, but we’re also confident we’re fulfilling customer requirements which leads to repeat business.”

With the restaurant industry suffering more than ever, restaurants need to tackle these false claims and avoid unwarranted losses. Using Videoloft’s Order Cam in this way is helping to put a stop to that.  



The wider applications for video analytics

This use case shows that applications for Videoloft’s video analytics are incredibly broad, from a restaurant chain disputing false claims, to a site manager who needs confirmation that construction workers are wearing hardhats. Being able to filter by date, text and/or object, helps users find specific video events without scrolling through hours of footage.

Videoloft, which is compatible with a wide range of major security camera brands, is already working on the next iteration of their video analytics. The version scheduled for release next month will enable users to create and customise analytics-based alerting rules.

With the addition of such sophisticated alerting, cloud video security will truly become a proactive security instrument. Users will be able to further define which situations are worthy of attention. 



What’s next?

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