SANNCE cloud storage

Connect your SANNCE security system to the Videoloft cloud to securely back up and easily access your footage.

Choose your plan and get a 30-day free SANNCE cloud storage trial.

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How cloud backup for SANNCE works

Sannce cloud storage

Transform your system into a SANNCE VMS with Videoloft. The Videoloft Cloud Adapter is a small bridging device that connects your SANNCE CCTV system to our cloud video surveillance platform. 

We offer a 30-day free trial and getting started is easy:

  • Choose your SANNCE cloud storage plan
  • Plug in your Cloud Adapter
  • Download our app
  • Connect to the cloud!

Our Cloud Adapter is available in an 8 or 16 channel version and there’s an Enterprise rack mounted solution for larger installations. 

Replace your SANNCE NVR/DVR completely, or add cloud backup

Whether you’re looking to record straight to the cloud, or add cloud backup to your local SANNCE storage, we can help!

Videoloft removes the need for a local recorder – simplifying the installation, saving space on-site and removing the risk of your recorder being damaged or tampered with.

Alternatively, you may still want to keep your SANNCE NVR/DVR and back-up your recorder to the cloud. It takes minutes to set up – all you need to do is connect the Videoloft Cloud Adapter to the same network as your recorder.

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A feature rich, cloud backup solution

8MP resolution

cloud video surveillance

Multiple viewing

Cloud video surveillance remote installation videoloft feature

Remote installation

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Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft feature

Live camera health monitoring

Cloud video surveillance live camera health monitoring videoloft featurescheduling videoloft feature

Scheduling recording & alerts

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Two-way audio

Remote control

Remote control



What SANNCE camera and recorder models are supported by Videoloft ?

We’ve done a full integration with SANNCE’s API meaning we can support almost all models of SANNCE IP cameras, NVRs and DVRs. 

How do I connect SANNCE CCTV to cloud?

Setting up SANNCE cloud storage and remote backup can be done in a few minutes using the Videoloft iOS or Android app. Simply use the Videoloft Cloud Adapter, and download our app to get started. The cloud installation process takes minutes, doesn’t require port forwarding, or router configuration and can even be done remotely!

What are the costs for SANNCE cloud storage?

For end-users, SANNCE cloud storage pricing plans start from just $7.89 / £7.49 per month. We also offer discounted rates for our partners, which can be up to 8 – 10 times cheaper than other cloud providers!

How can I back up my SANNCE NVR to the cloud?

All you need to connect a SANNCE NVR or DVR to the cloud is the Videoloft Cloud Adapter and the Videoloft mobile app, then follow these simple steps:

  • Connect the Cloud Adapter to the network and power on.
  • Tap ‘Install’ on the main menu to begin and enter the Cloud ID when prompted.
  • When the Cloud Adapter is discovered, it will be linked with the account you’re using to set it up.
  • Tap ‘Continue’ to proceed with the installation and scan the network for compatible recorders
  • Select the required recorder, enter the username and password and you’re all set!

I'm based in the United States of America, how long will it take for my Cloud Adapter to arrive?

On average, it takes 2-3 working days for our Cloud Adapters to reach customers in the USA.

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