Videoloft Releases Direct Vivotek Integration to Provide an NDAA Compliant Camera & Cloud Solution


Oxford, UK


UK-based cloud video surveillance company, Videoloft, announces new direct integration with Taiwanese CCTV manufacturer Vivotek.


Videoloft was previously compatible with Vivotek cameras via ONVIF, but the new direct integration makes it even easier to connect Vivotek cameras to the Videoloft cloud and crucially adds compatibility with Vivotek NVRs/DVRs.


Legacy Vivotek installations can now be instantly upgraded to add offsite video storage, remote viewing and features like multi-user permissions.


Adding Vivotek cameras to the cloud is incredibly simple, a Videoloft Cloud Adapter just needs to be connected to the same local network as the cameras or recorder. The rest of the installation takes less than 2 minutes and can be completed remotely via the Videoloft mobile app (available on iOS or Android).


YouTube Tutorial – How to Connect a Vivotek Recorder to the Cloud
YouTube Tutorial – How to Connect a Vivotek Camera to the Cloud


Videoloft is compatible with a wide range of professional security cameras and recorders – they have direct integrations with Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Lorex, LTS & Uniview. Adding Vivotek to this list of direct integrations gives Videoloft partners a great NDAA compliant camera choice. Videoloft is also compatible with many other brands of camera via ONVIF.


About Videoloft

Videoloft’s aim is to empower the professional security industry to make cloud video surveillance the norm. They are passionate about utilizing the cloud to add new and exciting features to legacy security camera systems. Based across North America and the UK, the Videoloft team are experts in securely storing video in the cloud.